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Use standalone or combine with other robots


The Cube can be quickly transformed into a rotating mannequin for shooting fashion products. Thanks to its ingenious design, you can prepare clothing on a separate torso and then mount it easily to the Cube. As an optional accessory, the system can be complemented with a cart with storage for up to six mannequins of different sizes and types.

Suspended mode

The Cube has the unique ability to shoot products suspended in the air. Combine it with any table to easily shoot things like bags, chandeliers and light fittings. You can suspend objects weighing up to 130 kg.

Turning table

The standalone Cube with 100 cm diameter plate will serve as an effective mobile turntable. Its precision drive with zero-clearance transmission makes the robot surgically precise, even at maximum load of 130 kg.


Available in 3 variants

Cube V5, Cube V6, Cube V6 Rotopower.

heavy Lifter

Load-bearing capacity of
130 kg. Robust steel design.

Simple servicing

The control unit is located outside the machine itself, making servicing and upgrades extremely simple

Quick mount

Option for quickly mounting onto various workstations in both positions

PhotoRobot CUBE- close view

technical specifications


V6 / Roto Power

LAN, Wi-Fi
With cross or grid option
Flash or constant
Hanger bars
4 pieces as a standard,  7-8 pieces max.
documented REST API (licensed)
Compatible cameras
Canon, Nikon



V6 / Roto Power

Minimum step
Shortest Turning Time (0°–360°)
4 s
2.7 s
Deviation per rotation
under 1°
without deviation
Max. load bearing capacity
130 kg / 287 lbs
130 kg / 287 lbs
19.6 Nm
98.0 Nm
Separate input power
300 W
600 W
Supply voltage
AC 115 / 230 V
AC 115 / 230 V



V6 / Roto Power

Transport dimensions (H:W:D)
40 × 50 × 35 cm / 15.7" × 19.7" × 13.8"
40 × 50 × 35 cm / 15.7" × 19.7" × 13.8"
Transport Weight
15 kg / 33 lbs
22.5 kg / 50 lbs



V6 / Roto Power

Basic plate diameter
950 mm / 37.4"
Basic plate color
black from one side, white from the other
Basic plate material
Accessory plate diameter
1 000 mm / 39,4"
Basic plate color
white basic material, black foil at one side
Basic plate material
plastic (hardened foam)




Forget looking for a compromise between quality and efficiency. Achieve perfect results with small, large, transparent or glossy plates. This allows you to capture images of anything, from a ring to a suitcase.

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