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Virtual fashion show

PhotoRobot CATWALK in action with studio lights and _controls software suite


A professional-looking fashion show can be created quickly and effectively in a very small space and with just standard studio lighting. The _Virtual Catwalk has the model walk on a moving belt while the platform rotates. The camera stays in place, resulting in a video with a flying camera effect. In addition, the workstation is suited to common 360° photography of both live models or objects when the belt is not running.

online fashion show

A fashion show is a singular event which turns pieces of clothing into fashion. A professional fashion show can be made a reality even in the world of online presentation, by using a surprisingly simple piece of equipment in the form of _VIRTUAL CATWALK. An impressive video only needs to last a few minutes, and a fashion show with dozens of models can be made within a single day.



The belt speed and turntable rotation can be adjusted so that they suit the model perfectly.

Easy Entry & Exit

The wide plate is secured with supports which allow easy entry to & exit from the platform.

No need to move

Everything in the studio
can remain in its place.

Adjustable Level

The Catwalk can be recessed into
the floor to make the working
area level with it.

PhotoRobot CATWALK with model

technical specifications


Speed setting options
1–100 %
Max. belt speed
10 km/h – 6 mph
Inaccuracy per location
Load bearing capacity
1 500 kg / 3 307 lbs
Option for connecting el. appliance
AC 230 V


Radius from center of rotation
460 × 840 × 2 000 mm / 18.1" × 33.1" × 78.8"
Virtual Catwalk Station
500 × dia. 2 800 mm / 19.7" × dia. 110.2"
Transport Weight
116 kg / 256 lbs
Transport Weight
116 kg / 256 lbs




Forget looking for a compromise between quality and efficiency. Achieve the perfect results with small, large, transparent or glossy plates. This allows you to capture images of anything, from a ring to a suitcase.

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