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PhotoRobot CAROUSEL - built-in the floor - gears detail


The CAROUSEL was created for photographing exceptionally large objects, such as cars, machinery and furniture. It can carry anything weighing up to 4,000 kg and with a diameter of up to 5 metres. Its low profile makes it possible to place a vehicle or another object onto the platform in a matter of seconds without the need for an access ramp or even a crane. It's as easy as parking.


The platform boasts an exceptionally resistant, robust, yet precise design, making it capable of capturing 60 cars a day, for example. The set of photos can be used as 360° spins without limitations regarding the camera resolution or zoom thanks to the high quality of the image. The photographs can be used individually as well, both online and in print.


Easy to keep

Grooves for dirt along the entire perimeter allow air driven removal of dirt.


Long term, maintenance free operation thanks to a careful choice of materials

Easy to replace

The flooring material is designed in such a way that is easy to replace in case of higher workload and wear

technical specifications


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Minimum step
Inaccuracy per rotation
Less than 1 mm / 0.03"
Load bearing capacity
4 000 kg / 8 818 lbs (when evenly distributed)
Supply voltage
AC 115 / 230 V


Transport dimensions (HxWxD)
3 × EU pallet with overhanging length of max. 1 200 mm
Dia. 5 640 mm / 47.3" × dia. 222.1" / Length from edge of front ramp to motor 6 825 mm / 268.7"
Transport weight
1 560 kg / 3 439 lbs
1 500 kg / 3 306 lbs
Recommended room space
Width min. 7 m, depth min. 10 m, height min. 3 m / width 22'11", depth 32'10", height 9'10"
Dimension of plate with access ramps
Dia. 5 640 mm / dia. 222.1"


Forget looking for a compromise between quality and efficiency. Achieve perfect results with small, large, transparent or glossy plates. This allows you to capture images of anything, from a ring to a suitcase.

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